Hosakkā Studio was founded out of the desire to provide an alternative to the usual bullshit and buzzwords of tech consultants. No judgements but just a deep impulse to do things differently and answer the need for innovation, strong tech knowledge and common sense to do things the right way.

Adepte du manifeste agile, nous pensons que nous pouvons allier la technologie, l'innovation et l'artisanat en gardant l'humain au centre. Pour ces raisons, nous valorisons tout particulièrement les points suivants :

Follower of the agile manifesto, we believe that we can create highly innovative technical solutions to many problems while keeping our empathy and a craftman approach to our work. For this reason, we mostly value the following things :

  • the hackers spirit and ethics
  • strong expertise, craftmanship and passion
  • minimalism, frugal innovation and responsible tech
  • thoughtful action
  • transparency
  • sharing knowledge
  • No Bullshit™ service providers
  • Intercultural exchance traveling

"Hackers enjoy playful cleverness" - RMS